“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

- Neil Armstrong



About the Small Steps Campaign:

As you may have heard, and assuming you’re not a belligerent conspiracy theorist, mankind achieved one of the most remarkable and awe-inspiring feats of our time back on July 20, 1969. No, not the grand opening of the Discount Den - that came later in 1982 (but thanks for the compliment). Instead, the Moon was invaded by aliens. That’s right, a crew of three courageous Earthlings strapped themselves to a big…freaking…rocket, set sail on the voyage of all-time, and planted one beautiful banner on the lunar surface and - hint, hint - it doesn’t say IU (they don’t get banners anymore).

While stoically gazing out into the great beyond, we’re sure this young man from Ohio, ol’ Neil, must have thought to himself, “How the hell did I get here?” Or perhaps he thought, “Damn, that was one giant leap!” The truth, although, is that we’ll never quite know what he would have been thinking to himself while bouncing around on that dusty rock in the summer of ‘69. But what we do know is that it took teams of NASA engineers and years of research and development, to safely land a tin can 239,000 miles away (with less computing power than your phone) on a grey ball whirling through space. Making this mission even more astonishing is the fact that, only 66 years earlier, two bicycle shop owning brothers from Ohio took the first flight out of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

By now, you’re probably wondering why you’re still reading this and what point we’re trying to make here. And we’ll get to that. What we’re saying is this:

1) People from Ohio really don’t want to stay on this planet; and

2) Giant leaps require a series of small steps.

That’s it, that’s the big thing - Take Small Steps. What does this mean? Why are we saying this? Because innovation doesn’t happen overnight. Exploration takes time. Discovery necessitates a journey. Advancement requires action. We take giant leaps not by sitting around and accepting the status quo, but by taking small, incremental steps towards a larger goal. How do you devour a whale? One bite at a time, and the same applies here. However, on a quick side note, please don’t devour whales - most of them (if not all) are endangered, they’re crucial to the health of the ocean ecosystem, and they are generally peaceful and awesome creatures…except in that one instance where Moby Dick sank the Essex in the South Pacific…but we digress…. Any-whom, taking small steps in order to take giant leaps is what we are all about and it is for that reason that we are launching this campaign - 151 Years of Small Steps. Therefore, let it be known that the Discount Den wishes to - INDEPENDENTLY - celebrate Purdue’s 151 year anniversary (1869 - 2020) and our community’s rich history of taking small steps to achieve giant leaps. Why stop celebrating in 2019, when we can continue the party through 2020? Join us and celebrate, one more time.

Truth be told, our marketing department is just easily amused and needed something to do one day. So, yeah, there you go. As Trevor Peters would put it, “That’s an awful lot to drink up.”


How Can I Participate in the Small Steps Campaign?

First off, buy a Small Steps t-shirt. Second step, buy one or a few dozen for your friends and family.


No, Seriously. Please. How Can I Participate?

Ok, we’ll tell you. Now that you’ve asked nicely, you can participate in the Small Steps Campaign by pitching us how your product or service will move the world forward and by describing how we can help you take that small step towards bringing your product to market. All jokes aside, this is the campaign to help spur and develop real entrepreneurial growth in this community. If you want to sit around in a coffee shop sip’n on an iced venti caramel macchiato non-fat soy latte while eating avocado toast (or smashed spring pea toast) and fawning over the innovations of Jobs or Musk, then by all means, go do that. But if you want to have a real, sustainable and positive impact that will give the kind folks from Ohio a reason to enjoy this planet, then come with us and explore a world of pure imagination.

To potentially make the Den your idea’s launch pad, please fill out the form field below and hit the submit button when ready. Share as much or as little as you wish, and we’ll do our best to help find the answer to life, the universe, and everything. So long, and thanks…

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