You want us to ship you a Den Pop?  Please, take some time and think long and hard about the logistics behind that...

Let's just grab a styrofoam cup, make you a Den Pop, slap on a stamp, and ship it around the world for you. Easy. Done. No Problem. It's not like the Den Pop would leak all over the place within the first few seconds of being gently slammed in the back of a clean mail van, and it's certainly not like the cup isn't made out of a flimsy piece of foam susceptible to being blown to smithereens by a soft summer breeze. Plus, you know, the ice wouldn't melt and the Den Pop wouldn't go flat within the first few hours of transit.

Yep. Mmmhmmm. I know, I know..."But Purdue is an engineering school and I'm sure you guys can figure out a way to safely transport a Den Pop through the mail." Yeah, lets give a couple first year engineering hopefuls in thermodynamics an unlimited budget and see what happens in a few months time. Might as well have Scotty beam one to you until then.

Did that go the way you thought it was gonna go? Nope.